Dishcrawl – The Social Food Adventure And Workout

Taqueria Mercado steak, chicken and pork tacos by Caroline Wik

Recently we were invited to try out a Downtown taco crawl with Dishcrawl. For those who aren’t familiar with Dishcrawl it’s basically a progressive dinner that moves from restaurant to restaurant around the city. Each one is themed and tied to a specific area, usually with all the restaurants within walking distance. So you have a dish at the first restaurant, walk to the second, have a dish there and then on to third, etc. Additionally the route is kept secret until you’re on the way to each place.

Now the taco crawl we went on was a little different than usual for two reasons – the first was rather than be a progressive dinner (appetizers at the first place, the first course at the second, the entree at the third and so on) it was all about the tacos. The second reason was, since the chosen restaurants Downtown were a bit far apart it was decided rather than walk we would all be shuttled around by the Pedal Wagons.