Mini-Review: Thai Taste

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Thai Taste II Storefront

The unassuming front of Thai Taste II.

Thai Taste II

6892 Tylersville Rd.
West Chester, OH 45069

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 Plates
Hours: Mon – Thurs: 11 – 9 p.m.
Fri – Sat: 11 – 10 p.m.
Sun: 3 – 9 p.m.
Price Range: $5 – $15 per entrée

Thai Taste on Urbanspoon

We were trying to come up with a good, quick but affordable place to go eat last night when we remembered that we had noticed a Thai place we had never been to on a past search for good food. After a quick lookup on Urbanspoon revealed that they were in the lowest price range we set off at once for Thai Taste.

Thai Taste (also called Taste of Thai in some places on the internet) is down Tylersville right across the street from The Cone. Like almost all the restaurants we frequent, it’s unassumingly tucked into a little shopping strip. There apparently is also a Thai Taste in Westwood, which seems to be owned by the same folk as they call this location Thai Taste II on their menus.

The inside of the restaurant was well decorated in a very homey way. It gave a strong impression of being the kind of place where the staff knows the names of all the regulars and you feel more like you’re dining at a friends house than a business.

As if to confirm my feelings while we were being seated a woman was leaving the sushi bar and chatting with a waitress on the way out, asking about her kids and gushing over how great the food was and how she told everyone she knew to come here. That’s always a good sign that you’ve stumbled into somewhere tasty.

Caroline ordered the Lava Fried Rice with chicken and, being on something of a duck kick lately, I chose the Basil Duck. Both of us requested a spicy level of 8 for our dishes.

Thai Taste II Lava Fried Rice

The Lava Fried Rice was excellent, although an 8 was not quite spicy enough.

Thai Taste II Basil Duck

The Basil Duck was wonderful. And the portion sizes were large enough for leftovers.

The Lava Fried Rice was stir fried with red and green peppers, onions and a Thai chili paste and it was fantastic. The chicken was cooked extremely well, and all the flavors melded together perfectly. Not to mention the portion was so large even with my help Caroline could only eat about half.

The Basil Duck was equally fantastic. The duck was cooked just as perfectly as the chicken, and was piled high on the plate with onion, carrots, bell peppers and garlic all of which was soaked in a chili garlic sauce. Like Caroline’s dish, the portion size was large enough that almost half had to be boxed up to come home with us. It came close to Sichuan Bistro for being the best duck I’ve had outside of Beijing, although it was entirely different application of duck so it’s maybe a little hard to compare the two dishes.

Maybe I’m spoiled by all the Indian food we eat, but an 8 out of 10 spiciness level at Thai Taste was more like what I’d call a 5 out of 10. Other than that, the food was delicious.

The bill came to around $25, which for two meals plus two more meals in leftovers was exactly the price range we were looking for and way higher quality food than we expected to get for it.

The Verdict: We’ll Be Back

We will definitely, definitely be back for a full review. Hopefully soon. If this meal was any indicator it will be a positive review too, so if you like Thai I suggest you check it out as well. The Lava Fried Rice and the Basil Duck were superb. We’ll also give the Westwood location a try to see if their food is as good as here.

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