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A Bottle or Two - Store Front by Caroline Wik

Front of A Bottle or Two

A Bottle or Two opened up about eight months ago in Symmes Township, and it’s taken us eight months too long to find and pay them a visit. They boast a wide selection of wine as well as carrying craft beers, and they have a very interesting array of different wine tastings.

A Bottle or Two

11920 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Glasses
Hours: Mon: 2 – 8 p.m.
Tues-Sat: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sun: Closed
Price Range: Varies

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Today we wandered in for their Thursday special tasting – 5 wines for $5 between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. They have a very fascinating system for their tastings – a machine that contains the bottles with a glass front so that you can see the bottles, and has a special lid with a tube going into the bottle. By pressing your glass on the lever at the bottom, it will suck the wine from the bottle and dispense it into your cup – turning it into essentially a “wine fountain.” It worked very similarly to how soda fountains work. According to the gentleman guiding us through the wine tasting – he seemed to be the owner but I am not sure – the special fountain can keep the wines good for 30 days, although he quickly assured us that the wines are never in there that long.

Three of these “wine fountains” stood atop a table – holding five bottles each – with a big flat screen TV on the wall in between them displaying a loop of various promotions for the store.

Each taste of wine was between 1.5-2 oz. Below each bottle was a label with the name, price, and how much a ‘taste,’ ‘glass’ and bottle are. For the tastes I am assuming they give you less than they would for a glass, but it is also cheaper. Without any special event like what we were doing, tastes are around $2 per and glasses are about $5 per. They offer their tastings daily, along with a “tasting happy hour” between 5 and 8 p.m.

A Bottle Or Two - Wine Tasting Dispenser by Caroline Wik

This is their wine dispenser for the tastings... Unfortunately it came out a little blurry.

While we talked about the wines we were trying and chatting with our wine guide, he explained how they like to theme their tastings, but sometimes you will just get a random mix of wines with no theme. Their favorite thing to do is to sample wines from unique regions people don’t often try, as well as grape varieties that people don’t often venture into. He then went on to talk about how while they do carry some major wine labels in the store, they have a lot of non-major wines that are harder to get which most bigger groceries and wine sellers don’t carry.

The theme for our tasting was loosely “great wines for hot summer days.” As we were tasting the wines, it struck me that I didn’t have a single one that I wouldn’t buy – which made me really happy. Unlike other wine tastings we’ve been to, it was less a “Well, here’s some that are okay, and the rest I’ll make a note to never ever buy” and more of a “Oh wow this is good how much is it?”

A Bottle or Two also offers formal tastings each Friday evening at a much steeper price – $30 for 5 glasses and 5 dishes. A few doors down lies a bakery who’s chef is apparently good at more than just baking, being a culinary arts student, as he does the catering for the event. If you decide to go, they need a reservation at least two days before, and there are only 24 seats available. We plan on going sometime, and will write another review of that once we do.

A Bottle or Two - Inside Shot by Caroline Wik

The interior of A Bottle or Two

After we were done with our tasting we perused the store to see what kind of wines they offered. They carry a lot of wines, more than I’ve seen at a couple of the other wine stores we’ve been to in West Chester, so I found this to be a plus. There was also a good range of prices, most wines being between $10-$40, with plenty above as well. They had a tiny rack of sake, and a corner devoted to their beers. Most of them were beers I had never heard of – but I’m not really any beer connoisseur so I know I’m not the best judge in that realm.

A Bottle Or Two’s wine tastings can be a bit higher cost than some others we’ve been to but overall I think they are about on-par with specialized wine stores. I think it’s worth the slight extra cost as the wines they offered were of much better quality. I’m a bit hesitant to pay the $30 for a dinner and 5 wines but, I’m terribly curious what they offer that costs that much, so we will go eventually and when we do I’ll be sure to write another post on it.

Ever been to A Bottle Or Two? What did you think? Have you tried that $30 formal wine and dinner tasting? Have a favorite wine store? Tell us in the comments!

A Bottle or Two - Periodic Grape Varietal Table by Caroline Wik

I kind of wanted this, as I call it, 'Periodic Table of the Grape Varietals.'

Verdict: Give It A Try

A Bottle or Two is a very well kept and organized store, and if you are in the Symmes-Deerfield-Loveland area it’s worth a try. The wines they offer to taste are really good, they have a very wide selection of wines (on their website they boast 300+, but we couldn’t confirm that in-store), a decent little beer selection, and a lonely sake collection. I hear they also have several hard-to-find wines, but I can’t really attest to any truth in that or not as I’ve never gone looking for a specific wine as of yet.

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