Mini Review: Caffeine Dreams [Closed]

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Caffeine Dreams - Menu by Caroline Wik

The menu at Caffeine Dreams.

UPDATE: Caffeine Dreams has closed. The building has switched owners and is now known as Cafe 45140

Tucked behind other shops and right off the bike trail in a little yellow house in the heart of Downtown Loveland is the tiny coffee shop Caffeine Dreams. They have been in business a couple years now and have successfully gone largely unnoticed except by the people that ride by on their bikes.

Caffeine Dreams

123 Railroad Avenue
Loveland, OH 45140

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 plates
Hours: Coming Soon
Price Range: $2-$8

Caffeine Dreams on Urbanspoon

And you know, I’m totally the kind of person who would ride up on a hot day and order a big cup of coffee.

When you walk into Caffeine Dreams it’s more like being in the owner’s living room – there’s a TV and some nick-knacks scattered around, then your eyes spy the donut case and the coffee machines. There’s only a couple tables inside, as it’s a pretty small store, but outside is a large sitting area under a gorgeous old tree.

The menu at Caffeine Dreams changes with the season, for example when we first visited last fall they had a fantastic rhubarb chili. Currently they’re offering lemonades and related summertime drinks.

However some things are constant – such as the pastries, sandwiches, teas and coffees. As for the coffee, they offer a couple different roasts, plus espresso, lattes and mixes (my favorite mix is the Almond Joy Mocha, which is a base of coffee with cream, chocolate, coconut and almonds added in.) They also have a little ice cream box but I’m not privy to it’s contents.

Caffeine Dream’s sandwiches are kind of a build-your-own where you pick your bread, meat, cheese and condiment of choice and they’ll make it for you, and throw in a side of chips and a pickle (as per sandwich place conventions).

Unfortunately they don’t have a website that I could find, but they are pretty easy to find if you happen to be in town. They are right off the bike trail behind the ice cream store in a yellow house. There’s a large banner with their logo (a moon hovering above a coffee cup) and name hanging from the porch roof, so I think it would be hard to miss. They’ve got great coffee and the sandwiches are pleasing – you can get a pretty good lunch here for under $10.

Caffeine Dreams - Front of building by Caroline Wik

Front of Caffeine Dreams

Caffeine Dreams - Mounds and Almond Joy Mocha by Caroline Wik

Top: Almond Joy Mocha, Bottom: Mounds

Verdict: Tasty Bike-Path-Side Coffee

If you’re ever in downtown Loveland, particularly if you ride up from the bike trail, and are hungry for some coffee and lunch you should give Caffeine Dreams a shot. It’s a simple mom-and-pop kind of coffee house (literally on the house part) and mom and pop are very friendly folks. They really care about what others think about their foods and seem to be interested in constantly tweaking the items to make them better. The coffees, particularly the specialty mixes, are fantastic and the sandwiches are quite tasty too. I don’t know that it’s worth a trip to Loveland if you live far away, but if you are nearby or take a bike ride on the trail and pass by, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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