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Daveed's - Building Front by Caroline Wik

Front of Daveed's.

Since it’s restaurant week Adam and I decided to hit all the places in Cincinnati that we had been meaning to go to for a long time but never got around to it. Tonight it was Daveed’s turn.

I’ve always heard mixed things about Daveed’s at 934 – everything from it’s the best to it’s the worst. With such mixed opinions we just had to try it for ourselves – and restaurant week is a great week to try new restaurants.

Daveed’s at 934

934 Hatch St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 plates
Hours: Wed-Thurs: 6p.m. – 9 p.m.
Fri: 6p.m. – 10 p.m.
Sat: 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Price Range: Appetizers, Salads and Desserts: $10-$15
Entrees: $25-$30

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Daveed’s is kind of hidden in a very unassuming brick building a couple streets away from Eden park and the Cincinnati Art Museum. Inside the interior was decorated with a lot of warm earthy colors and the walls painted in oranges and greens, which reminded me of the hipster coffee shops I frequented while in college. Adam said it reminded him of “hippie colors.”

We had made a reservation for 6 p.m., and when we got there we were seated almost immediately. There were very few other people when we got there, only one other table was filled where we were sitting. But, by the time we left it had started to pick up. I’ve read a lot of complaints about the service being really slow, but we were in and out within an hour. For just the two of us dining out together I think taking an hour to eat is just about right. Other than that, our waiter was friendly and checked back with us about the right number of times.

The only thing that Daveed’s really disappointed me with was the menu itself. It’s restaurant week so I know that restaurants cannot offer their full menu for guests but, really, can’t you give us at least two options for the three courses? The first course was a red gazpacho, the second being a salad, and for the third course you had your option of strozzapretti pasta or beef short rib.

Daveed's at 934 - Amuse Bouche Crackers with Truffle Oil, Cheese and Bacon by Caroline Wik

The Amuse-Bouche Crackers with Truffle Oil, Cheese and Bacon.

To begin, the chef sent out an amuse-bouche of some kind of cracker with a truffle sauce, cheese and bacon. It was really good, but kind of salty – which I suppose it was supposed to be to get your mouth salivating and ready for the next item to come. I’m not really a salt fan, but I still thought it was good.

Shortly after the hors d’œurves we were given the obligatory bread and butter. The butter was egg shaped and I believe had truffle oil in it. Whatever it was, it was really creamy and very good. The bread was really good too – soft but not too chewy with a nice crunchy exterior.

Adam ordered the Pomme Frites (a nice way of saying French fries) in addition to the restaurant week menu. Stacked neatly and wrapped up in paper standing inside a wire cup, the Pomme Frites were probably my favorite item of the evening. The sauce that came with it was amazing and addicting. Unfortunately I can’t remember what the waiter said that it was – I believe it was a truffle oil and horseradish sauce. I’d go back to Daveed’s just for those fries and the sauce – they were that amazing.

The red gazpacho was a pretty standard gazpacho. It had the tomato base with grape, cilantro, crema and baby shrimp in it. To be honest, Adam liked it a lot more than I did. I thought it was okay, it just left something to be desired. It certainly wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t amazing.

The “Chopped Salad” was much better, consisting of a bed of romaine topped with basil, croutons, olives, feta cheese and dried tomatoes. It was really good, but, still just a salad.

Daveed's at 934 - Beef Short Ribs by Caroline Wik

Beef Short Ribs.

I was pleasantly surprised with the strozzapretti pasta I had ordered. It was topped with crab, corn, haricot verts (green beans), asiago and truffle creme. The pasta was very creamy and all the ingredients worked in harmony to make a very tasty dish.

Adam really loved his beef short ribs, they were cooked perfectly and were very juicy. The beef short ribs came with a side of some greens. The sauce they cooked the short ribs in also really complimented the meat and greens.

Overall, it was a fairly good experience with some items on the menu standing out more than others. The service was everything one could expect for a nicer restaurant, and the interior is warm, inviting, but also really relaxed. The food and service were really good when we went.

So what have your experiences at Daveed’s been like? Has this review helped or are you still on the fence about them? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Unfortunately we just were not able to fit all the photos into this post that we wanted to, so to see pictures of every item, check out the Daveed’s gallery on our Facebook Page.

Verdict: It’s alright

Daveed’s has gotten a lot of mixed reviews and I suppose like all restaurants they have good days and bad days. I enjoyed what we had, though our options were severely limited even for Restaurant Week. The Pomme Frites and the ribs Adam had were good enough to warrant a return visit. We didn’t get a good look at the normal entree prices, so we’ll have to go back and see if paying full price changes my mind. For the time being though – it wasn’t a life-changing experience, but we still liked it.

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  • Heather

    I’m not a fan – every time I go – I expect something really good and I get something just average. I typically go during Restaurant Week when it’s a deal and based on those visits – I don’t really feel like spending full price.

    • Adam

      That was essentially how I felt. Everything was good but I don’t know that it was good enough to justify full price. I would like to go back once outside of restaurant week to make sure though.

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