Pasha Grill: Tasty, Affordable Mediterranean

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Pasha Grill Entrance by Caroline Wik

The entrance of Pasha Grill.

Pasha Grill

72 Plum Street
Beavercreek, OH 45440

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 Plates
Hours: Coming Soon
Price Range: $10 – $15

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So it’s a Saturday night and we were hungry. Why not go out to eat? It’s a beautiful evening…what could go wrong? For those of you who don’t know, going out on a Saturday evening to Dayton’s Greene Mall is a fairly popular idea. I guess the hunger that was overtaking me impaired my better judgment… or did it?

The initial plan was to go to another restaurant but we were greeted with an hour long waiting list…. so we put out name on the list and walked to the next place. Again… another hour wait…. put down name…. and next….. put down name….. next….. (sigh)

After 4 buzzers and a bit of walking I spotted a final place to try for dinner. The Greene Mall was packed with people so I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. On the corner of Plum Street sat Pasha, a Turkish Grill. I had never really had good Turkish food before so I didn’t really know what to expect. As soon as we walked in though, we were given a table.

The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and inviting. Nice earth-toned walls and tungsten lighting make the formal dining room very inviting. This is definitely a place where you can bring your family and friends and enjoy a nice dinner and relax while doing so.

Now the food is another story. Like I said, I wasn’t very familiar at first with Turkish Cuisine and now I just hate myself for not having it sooner. Pasha does an excellent job of blending spices and meats to make the dishes seem like something from your past. They are masters of lamb as well making it not only the cutest animal ever…but also the most delicious!

Pasha Grill Tea by Alex Snyder

Alex's tea.

Pasha Grill Bread and Oil by Alex Snyder

The bread and oil were fantastic.

The most life changing event though begins when you sit down and you receive the complimentary bread and oil. The bread is always baked fresh (most of the time right out of the oven) and the oil is undeniably the best dipping oil I have ever had. And I really hate to express how much of a glutton I am to the bread and oil….but I can easily go through 2 servings before my appetizer arrives!

Pasha Grill Kisir by Alex Snyder

The Kisir.

I love going to Pasha for dinner but lunch is really too good to miss. The price is what makes it worth it! For less than $10 you get a choice of appetizer, entrée and then a dessert (You have to pick the rice pudding… it’s wonderful). Lunch on the patio is a must as well when the weather is nice.

Pasha Grill Doner Kebab by Alex Snyder

The Doner Kebab.

Pasha Grill Rice Pudding by Alex Snyder

The Rice Pudding.

If you’re not near Dayton and happen to be in Columbus you can also visit Café Istanbul at Easton Town Center– the menus are the same but the chefs are slightly different. I’ve never had a bad experience at either.

Adam and Caroline’s Thoughts

Alex and Tim had been raving about how great Pasha is, so when our schedules all allowed – which just happened to fall on Adam’s birthday (August 6th) – we all met up for lunch at Pasha’s around 1 p.m.

Pasha Grill Ezme with Bread by Caroline Wik

The bread was great with the appetizers.

Adam was slightly confused as to how to get there, but it’s really not all that difficult – if you park in front of Mimi’s Cafe near Potbelly, then walk down Plum street past the Potbelly restaurant, Pasha’s is at the end of the line. When you’re coming from this direction it can be easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it – except when you look over and see their nice enclosed patio.

The bread and oil that came was fantastic. The oil, according to Alex, was sun dried tomatoes, rosemary and thyme in olive oil. It was certainly very good, the best dipping oil that I’ve had at a restaurant ever. We all ordered from the lunch menu – an appetizer, entrée and dessert for $10. I got the Ezme, Donor Kebab, and Almond Pudding.

The Ezme was a plate of diced tomato, onion, peppers and herbs with a little olive oil mixed in. While it tasted fine on its own, it was really at its best when I put it on top of the bread from the never ending basket.

Adam had the Pilaki for his appetizer, which was pinto beans with carrots, green peppers and diced potatoes in a light tomato olive oil sauce. He really liked it, particularly with the bread, although he said mixing mine with the bread was just a little bit better than his. Both appetizers are served chilled and while it worked for the Ezme, in my opinion, I would have preferred the Pilaki be warm at the least – to bring out more of the flavors in it.

Pasha Grill Adana Kebab by Caroline Wik

The Adana Kebab.

For Adam’s entrée he chose the Adana kebab, which was a long strip of grilled meat along with rice and grilled veggies. Whatever spices or marinade they used have it an absolutely fantastic flavor, and he really loved it.

I am a big fan of lamb, especially in Turkish cuisine as they, in my opinion, have found the best ways to spice and cook it. The Donor Kebab came as slices of lamb with a side of rice and some green beans, cucumber and celery on one side of it, and on the other big slices of grilled tomato and grilled green bell pepper, all of which was very good.

Pasha Grill Doner Kebab by Caroline Wik

The Doner Kebab.

My only complaint was that some parts of the lamb were a bit burnt which wasn’t very good, but it was only a couple pieces so not really being one to complain I happily ate it anyway. The rest of the lamb on my plate (which was a lot and far outnumbered the couple of burnt pieces) had a very delicious flavor, as did the sides. Although, I must admit that I liked Adam’s plate of Adana kebab much better. It was not only cooked to our liking, but the flavors were amazing.

Our two choices for dessert were rice pudding or almond pudding. I’ve never really cared for rice pudding and everyone else at the table got that, so despite my willingness to try the rice pudding, just to be different I ordered the almond pudding and I’m very happy I did. It had some crushed almonds sprinkled on top with sliced almonds mixed in the middle of it, and had a very wonderful almond-vanilla flavor.

Pasha Grill Rice Pudding by Caroline Wik

The Rice Pudding.

I had a bite of Adam’s rice pudding and concluded that I had made the correct choice for my dish of almond pudding was far superior to his rice pudding. Adam really liked the liked the rice pudding but still agreed that the almond was a little better. I only wish they had given us more!

For $10 our lunch was a wonderful deal. The portions of the appetizer, entrée and dessert were perfect – I couldn’t even finish the entrée and had to take it home with me to leave enough room for that dessert.

We sat outside on the patio, which was really nice as it is shaded and there are fans above you going. I’d like to go back and see the interior more sometime as we only got a glimpse of it – but from what I did see it looked really nice. The bar looked a bit small but well stocked, but with most businesses in the complex having space constraints it’s not a big deal nor unique to Pasha’s.

Verdict: Give It A Try

If you’ve never had Turkish food before (and even if you have) Pasha Grill is an excellent place to try something new. They have a well decorated dining area and a nice covered patio, exceptional service and great food at prices that are hard to beat elsewhere. Honestly, though, the bread and oil alone is worth the trip.

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