Siam Pad Thai: Our First Staff Meeting

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Siam Pad Thai Front

The front of Siam Pad Thai.

It’s been less than year since we first walked in the doors of Siam Pad Thai. We drove by countless times (Tim and myself) and every time I would point and say… “I want to go there!” It was small….very small to be exact… but the parking lot was always full. This meant that I was obviously missing out on something.

Siam Pad Thai

3027 Wilmington Pike
Kettering, OH 45429

Rating: 4 out of 5 Plates
Hours: Coming Soon
Price Range: 10$ – 15$

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Finally the day came and we decided to go for dinner. We drove into the tiny parking lot and noticed something. All of the cars were very nice… and very foreign… I knew that the bill for dinner here was going to be high, but we walked in anyways.

I can’t explain how small the place is. When full, it can probably hold about 30 people semi-comfortably. The food comes out quick though so waiting isn’t too much of an issue.

We sat down and were given a sushi menu and a Thai menu. I love sushi and have had it here once or twice… it’s not too bad…. but I generally go for the Thai menu.

When looking at the menus for the first time we were rather taken back…and not in a bad way! The prices here are excellent and you can get an entrée for around $9.00!!! And to make things even better the food is amazing.

I can proudly say that between Tim and I, we’ve tried almost every menu item and haven’t found a bad one yet! I have to say, though, that their noodle meals are really spot on. One of my favorites is the Drunken Noodles with pork. The taste is simple and still complex – very Thai. And that’s a pretty good explanation of just about everything on the menu. It all tastes homemade and authentic.

Siam Pad Thai Spring Rolls by Alex

The spring rolls and their excellent sauce.

Siam Pad Thai Clean Plate by Alex

Evidence of how good the meal was.

I have to mention the appetizers as well. Whenever we go we have to get an order of Spring Rolls and an order of Vegetable rolls (egg rolls). These alone are great but the sauces that accompany them are obviously a heavily guarded family secret. The tamarind sauce and spicy chili sauce are by far the best sauces to ever accompany an appetizer. I always save what’s leftover just to put it on my entrée.

So if you happen to be driving through Kettering and come across the intersection for Dorothy Lane and Wilmington take a look around for the tiny building. They have great service – or you can just choose take out! Coming for lunch is an option as well but it isn’t much of a difference from dinner prices. I’ve also seen several people bring in their own bottles of wine….so bring a favorite Cab or Pinot along for the journey and have a great time!

Siam Pad Thai Egg Rolls by Alex

The Vegetable/Egg Rolls were excellent as well.

Adam & Caroline’s Thoughts

Caroline ordered the Pad Thai as that is generally her baseline dish to judge a Thai restaurant. If they can’t make that right, then she won’t be back to try anything else. But if they can, she knows that they’re authentic, and will be back to try lots more dishes. She ordered it at a 4 spicy level, the highest they go.

Siam Pad Thai Pad Thai by Caroline

The Pad Thai.

When it was served, it certainly looked how she expected it to, along with some extra carrots and cabbage added in on the side to look nice (and taste good too). As far as flavor goes, it was pretty good. The spiciness disappointed her a little though, as she expected some strong burninating, but only got just the faintest little tingle.

Siam Pad Thai Drunken Noodles by Alex

The Drunken Noodles.

Siam Pad Thai Massaman Curry by Caroline

Adam's Massaman Curry.

Adam, having been on a bit of a curry kick lately, went with the Massaman curry, a curry of Muslim origin made up of chicken, potatoes, peanuts and a handful of other things with a base of Massaman curry paste and coconut milk. They didn’t ask for his spicy level, but it was equally spicy as Caroline’s Pad Thai, so he assumed they just defaulted to a 4.

The spring rolls and egg rolls were good, (Adam particularly liked the tamarind paste) but what stood out the most to both was the orange chili oil that came with the egg rolls, which was great.

Caroline thinks that Siam was the best that she’s had in the Dayton area thus far, but certainly not the best Thai that she’s had overall. Adam agrees – he’s had better, but not by very much, and the cozy atmosphere and quality of both the food and the service make it the best Thai he’s had in Dayton.

Know of a better Thai place in Dayton? Think we’ve gotten something wrong here, or do you agree with it all? Let us know in the comments!

Verdict: You Should Go

Siam Pad Thai is easily the best Thai we’ve had so far in Dayton. The cozy little dining room and really outgoing waitstaff make for an enjoyable dining experience even without factoring in the quality of the food. If you like your Thai really spicy you may want to ask them to kick it up a notch or two since we didn’t think their spiciest was all that spicy, other than that everything we’ve tried has been great. Make sure to order some appetizers and feel free to bring along a bottle of wine.

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