Paxton’s Grill

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Paxton's Grill Front by Caroline Wik

Paxton's sits right in downtown Loveland.

Paxton’s Grill

126 W. Loveland Ave.
Loveland, OH 45140

Rating: 4 out of 5 plates
Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Fri: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sat: 8 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sun:: 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Price Range: Appetizers, Salads and desserts: $3-$9
Entrees: $7-$13 – with a few going higher.

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Loveland is a great little town, with several neat shops right on the main road and the bike trail right in the heart of downtown. When my family moved to Ohio, my dad frequently made me ride the bike trail from the powder factory in Kings all the way to Loveland – and while I didn’t care much for the ride, I’d do anything to be able to play in the park, eat some great ice cream, and explore a small town full of shops and seemingly endless wonders. The whole atmosphere of downtown Loveland is wonderful – I couldn’t have told you what I liked about it as a kid. I’m pretty sure it’s just how friendly and relaxed everyone is in downtown Loveland. I only wish it was just a bit bigger.

Nowhere does the family-friendliness of Loveland really shine through more than Paxton’s Grill – right in the heart of downtown Loveland and next to the bike trail. I’ve never actually been inside the restaurant, despite having eaten there a good handful of times. No, I’m one of those people that goes there and brings their dog too. Yes, dogs are family members too – and as a dog owner I really appreciate places that are really dog friendly.

I’ve often seen other people who do it too, they sit in the enclosed “patio” area in front of Paxton’s with a dog or two as they enjoy their drinks and food.

The sandwiches at Paxton’s have been our favorites – particularly the rueben, Goetta, Club, and the Italian Panini. The sandwiches are packed fairly well and can get rather messy too – but I don’t mind as long as it’s tasty. The rueben in particular is melt-in-your-mouth delicious (okay, the fact that it’s served burning hot might add to that sensation, but it is undoubtably my favorite item there). The Italian panini is my second favorite – served warm and packed full of wonderful flavor. It’s hard to eat at Paxton’s without making the “om nom nom” noises as you take each bite.

Paxton's Grill Dog Friendly by Caroline Wik

Bailey enjoying lunch out with us.

The Club and Goetta sandwiches were exceptionally good too. Adam was very impressed with how good the goetta sandwich was, however somewhat preferred the club as it had more on it, and the goetta’s toppings were sparse.

The only disappointment we’ve had at Paxton’s was the hummus with pita bread. Now, this is a somewhat minor complaint, but they give you just a little bit of bread, then they give you a TON of hummus, then tell you that extra bread will be $1 extra per. Really? They need to either halve the amount of hummus given, or double the amount of bread. Like I said, it’s a minor issue, but it’s something I think others ought to be aware of.

Paxton's Grill Hummus & Pita by Caroline Wik

Paxton's Grill Reuben and Waffle Fries by Caroline Wik

The prices at Paxton’s are not unreasonable, each sandwich being around $6-9 each. The lengthy menu is mostly American items with some German ones as well – there’s definitely something for everyone at Paxton’s.

The wonderful food is enough of a reason to go to Paxton’s, however the extremely family (and dog friendly) atmosphere is a huge feature as well. I’ve been to lots of restaurants with polite, friendly waitstaff, but it’s different at Paxton’s – they are more like good friends than a friendly but detached server.

Paxton's Grill Cuban with Fries by Caroline Wik

The Cuban was particularly good.

Verdict: Get Your Friends and Go

Paxton’s embodies the friendliness and happy neighborhood that Loveland presents itself as. It’s a great place to go with family or with friends, and has a wide selection of American and German favorites – the sandwiches being a big highlight as they are affordably priced and extremely delicious. Paxton’s can get a little bar-y on the weekend nights but it’s never very rowdy or anything – just a bunch of people who are a bit too happy. If you’ve got a well behaved dog, then go ahead and show him or her off too while you’re there.

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