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Chopsticks Menu by Caroline Wik

Chopsticks Thai, Vietnamese & Sushi

7735 Cox Ln.
West Chester, OH 45069

Rating: 3 out of 5 plates
Hours: To be posted soon!
Price Range: Appetizers: $4 – $6

Soups: $2.50 – $4

Salads: $4 – $12

Entrees: $10 – $17

Dessert: $6 – $8

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Chopsticks is a little Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Sushi restaurant located in a shopping center in West Chester near the Voice of America Center in between Starbucks and Graeters. Chopsticks is owned by the same folk that own Thai Taste, and it’s pretty evident as the menu is nearly identical except for the Vietnamese items on it, and the fact that some of the waiters and waitresses were wearing shirts with “Thai Taste II” written on them.

The interior is sectioned out, there’s a sushi bar as soon as you walk in, a small dining area by the window, and then a larger dining area behind a wall next to it that goes deeper into the restaurant. We were seated by the window.

Seeing as how it was the promise of Vietnamese in West Chester, we decided we’d stick to Vietnamese for the entrees, but we’d get some spring rolls and soups to start. They have several rolls to pick from, but we just decided to get the pork fried spring rolls, two count, which came with a sweet and sour dipping sauce. The pork spring rolls were really good, but kind of standard as far as I could tell. Same with the sauce – both delicious but yet standard (you can get the same everywhere pretty much.)

Chopsticks Coconut Soup by Caroline Wik

Adam got the Chicken Coconut Soup (Tom Ka Gai), which was chicken and mushrooms in coconut milk flavored with galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and lime juice. I wished that I had gotten this soup instead of the one I got, as it was much, much tastier. It was coconutty, but not overly so and the other flavors complimented it to make a thick, delicious soup.

Instead, I got the Hot and Sour soup (Tom Yum Gai), which was a hot and sour soup with chicken, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, chili paste, mushrooms and tomatoes. It was alright, but it just kind of tasted like a mildly spicy chicken and tomato soup. Good, certainly, but not great like the coconut soup was.

I did love my bowl of Bun Bo Nuong I ordered (Charbroiled Beef), which was grilled beef with cucumber, bean sprouts, carrots, lettuce and peanuts on top of a bowl of vermicelli noodles. It came with a sauce on the side, I’m not sure what kind exactly, which once poured liberally on top and stirred tasted just fantastic. A little sweet but not very, the beef also tasted pretty good. A slight grilled flavor but mostly the seasonings on it shined through. The portion size of the dish was also huge – and I had to take nearly half of it home.

Adam had a hard time deciding between the Rare Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Tai) and the Well Cooked Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Nam) but luckily for him, he chose option three: Pho Tai Nam, a mix of both Rare and Well Cooked Beef Noodle Soup. The broth had a nice beefy flavor to it and the accompanying rice noodles soaked up the flavor of the broth pretty well. The beef bits themselves too were also pretty good and a bit peppery. Bean sprouts, lime wedges and some leafy greens came along on the side with it which Adam added to the soup and stirred up. Overall the Pho was just good.

Chopsticks Pho Tai Nam and Bun Bo Nuong by Caroline Wik

We were a bit disappointed when it came to desserts. There was no dessert menu so we had to ask, and the waitress listed off a handful of things off the top of her head. We picked two of them, and the one I picked they didn’t have in stock so I picked another. I’m not really sure what it was that we picked – some kind of coconut things. I like coconut. It shouldn’t be too bad.

Chopsticks Pho Tai Nam by Caroline Wik

It was bad.

The desserts that came were pre-made frozen sweets that came out still frozen. If you look at the pictures in this article (or, the Facebook ones since they are bigger) you can see the spots in the center of the desserts – that part was completely frozen still. The outer bits were thawed enough to eat but still cold. They were, the bits we could eat anyways, flavorless. If you go to Chopsticks, I’d suggest skipping dessert. If you really need dessert there’s a pastry shop, ice cream, Starbucks AND a Caribou Coffee nearby – pick one of them.

Chopsticks Other Frozen Dessert by Caroline Wik

Our waitress, while not mean or anything, seemed really rushed and curt even though there was only a few tables that evening. Also, she was never in sight of us so when we needed something we had to wait forever for her to wander around and check up on us (which was rare).

You can find more pictures from our visit on our Facebook Gallery.

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Verdict: Good, Reasonably Priced Vietnamese

We didn’t try the other Items on the menu, as there are plenty of other Asian restaurants nearby and they are the only ones to offer Vietnamese dishes. Of the Vietnamese items we tried, they were pretty tasty but not outstanding. The soups and entrees are pretty decent sized portions, so you definitely wont leave hungry. The atmosphere is okay – the decorations are simple, but warm.


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