Cincy’s on Sixth: A Cincinnati-Loving Sports Bar [Closed]

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One Clean Plate - Cincy's on Sixth - Front Sign by Caroline Wik

Cincy's on Sixth... Descriptive, at least.

Cincy’s on Sixth

41 E 6th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Rating: 3 out of 5 Plates
Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Fri-Sat: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.
Price Range: Lunch
Starters, Salads, Sandwiches & Burgers: $7-$10
Pizzas: $7 (half)/$10 (Full)
Specialties: $10-$12

Appetizers: $4-$13
Salads & Sandwiches: $7-$14
Pizzas & Burgers: $8-$16
Specialties: $14-$20

Note: Menu Still Being Created


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Downtown Cincinnati has a great restaurant scene, one that’s getting better with each new restaurant that opens. Recently several new restaurants have opened up exciting the whole city and adding to an awesome restaurant scene.

Cadillac Ranch however, was the black sheep in the mix. The food, mechanical bull, crowd and country atmosphere were just awful – individually and together. Not to mention the business itself had operational troubles that eventually led to it being shut down. I hoped whoever would claim the space next would do a thorough remodel and turn it around, keeping in tune with the recent trend of tasty restaurants. It wasn’t long until a new owner took over and changed the name and reopened the business, and thanks to Yelp we got to sample a few items from the new menu.

Unfortunately the interior is still very similar to how it was when it was Cadillac Ranch but they did make some changes. First and foremost, that awful mechanical bull is gone and is now a private dining/event room. Rather than the old western memorabilia, the walls are now lined with photos of Cincinnati (if you can even see them – it’s really dark.) They’ve also added more TVs, draft beers and are working to add more local brews.

Cincy’s on Sixth is primarily a sports bar. While not my usual scene, I’ll go anywhere if they have good food. The first few items we were served were vegetables and cheese with hummus and cream dip along with chilled shrimp and cocktail sauce. While good, none were particularly special and honestly were the kinds of things I expect to see at an awkward family cookout, not a restaurant. Thankfully though better food soon arrived.

One Clean Plate - Cincy's on Sixth - Nachos, Shrimp and Cheese by Caroline Wik

A giant, tasty mess of kettle chips topped with cheese, beef, onions, jalapenos and sauce was next. Again, while tasty, it just wasn’t anything special.

The next samples we got to try were the Armadillos and chicken wings. The Armadillos are a blend of spicy sausage, pepper jack cheese, and jalapenos deep fried and served with a southwestern ranch dip. These, I really enjoyed as they were flavorful and a nice balance between spicy sausage and creamy ranch topping. The chicken wings came in normal and spicy varieties, both of which I found to just be okay. Not bad, but unimpressive.

Ending dinner were hamburger sliders with bourbon mustard and turkey wraps with fig mayo. This is the only part of the meal that I can say I honestly didn’t like. The hamburger sliders had just a touch of the bourbon mustard, enough that I couldn’t taste it, and were essentially just plain ground beef on a bun – not really that tasty. The turkey wraps were much better, but I’m still only neutral to them. They were bad, but they were only as good as turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and a very mild sauce can be.

One Clean Plate - Cincy's on Sixth - Armadillo by Caroline Wik

Overall, I’d say the meal was just so-so. Aside from the Armadillos, none of the dishes were something I’d return for. But – there is one last thing I’d like to mention. Dessert.

The last two things brought for us to sample were some chocolate truffles and a chocolate mousse cake with a brownie and peanut butter base. The chocolate truffles were soft, smooth and extremely rich; a combination Adam particularly enjoyed and I liked it as well, but it was just a bit too rich for me. Our opinions were opposite for the mousse cake, as I loved it and Adam thought it was just okay – but he doesn’t like peanut butter so it’s not a big suprise. The desserts were both worth the visit alone, and I’d consider coming back just for them.

Cincy’s on Sixth has been making an honest effort to try and change the place’s reputation from the horrible damage Cadillac Ranch did to it, and I’m sure it’s going to be a while before the majority of people come around. At this point, we are still fairly neutral toward it – it’s got a great location and nice patio, but the food is only so-so and overpriced. I’d like to see the interior change a bit more to give the place a unique (and hopefully better) feel.

One Clean Plate - Cincy's on Sixth - Chocolate Mousse Cake and Chocolate Truffle by Caroline Wik

They are still working on building a new menu, trying things out and seeing what works and what doesn’t. The staff is very friendly and the managers/chef are willing to listen to what customer’s say, so we have hope that Cincy’s on Sixth will get better with some time. We’ll be back soon once it seems like they have their new menu down for another, more thorough review.

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Verdict: Try Lunch or Wait For the New Menu

Cincy’s on Sixth is a typical sports bar offering several draft beers, typical sports bar fare, and a huge dining room, patio and private dining section. They are still working out the menu, so items/prices may change. The staff is friendly and willing to listen to suggestions from customers to try and improve. The food itself is alright, but nothing too special and unfortunately just a bit overpriced.

If you’re interested in trying Cincy’s on Sixth, we suggest either going for lunch or waiting a little bit for them to iron out the kinks in their menu.

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