D4 Irish Pub & Cafe: Best Authentic Irish Food in Chicago

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One Clean Plate - D4 Irish Pub and Cafe Brunch Menu by Caroline Wik

D4 Irish Pub & Cafe

345 E Ohio St.
Chicago, IL 60611

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Plates
Hours: Mon – Fri: 11 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.
Sat – Sun: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.
Price Range: Small Plates: $5 – $12
Salads: $7 – $15
Sandwiches: $11 – $16
Entrees: $15 – $32
Desserts: $4 – $7
Mixed Drinks: $9 – $11

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One of the most well-known and loved breakfasts in Chicago is at Yolk – so popular the line is often well out the door. A friend of ours insisted that he took us there for a weekend breakfast, but unfortunately when we got there the line was already out the door and around the corner. We saw the line and collectively let out a sigh – our bellies were rumbling. But then, as if we had been calling out to him, a voice came from behind telling us that they were just about to open. It was the owner of D4 Irish Pub.

The interior was brilliant – deep green and blue walls, gorgeous wood and leather furniture and an amazing bar that wrapped around the kitchen. We were seated right away and looked at the menu. Our friend’s eyes lit up at the Irish Breakfast and he began sharing stories of growing up in Donegal and the breakfasts his mom used to make. So he and Adam decided to get the Irish Breakfast, and to be different I got the Hash and Eggs.

The Irish Breakfast is an impressive plate of Irish sausages, fried Rashers (cured ham), two eggs, toast, two slices of tomato, a small cup of beans and sliced fried potatoes. Adam & our friend both raved over how delicious it was. I got to try a bite of the sausage and ham and completely agreed – they were simple but delicious. Adam mixed them and the eggs atop his slices of toast and loved it.

One Clean Plate - D4 Irish Pub and Cafe - Irish Breakfast by Caroline Wik

One Clean Plate - D4 Irish Pub and Cafe - Hash and Eggs by Caroline Wik

My Hash and Eggs were equally good. Homemade corned beef hash topped with two eggs with a side of toast and balanced out by potatoes. At first I was a bit saddened to see so little on my plate, but quickly realized that the plate was deceptively deep and held a lot more than initially thought. I could barely finish everything – and I didn’t even eat the toast that came with it. The corned beef hash was a bit salty, but the eggs broken into it helped tone it down a touch.

After our meal our friend took an unusually long visit to the bathroom, then when he returned demanded we go to check them out as well. The bathrooms are nice – to be sure – but the fuss was over the old photos of Ireland that line the walls.

The breakfast at D4 is a little expensive – but the flavor, atmosphere and friendly staff make it well worth the price. Our waitress was extremely friendly and was actually an Irish college student studying in Chicago for a semester. The owner also stopped by our table for a chat and make sure we liked everything. All in all, a pretty great brunch.

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Verdict: Delicious, Authentic Irish Food

Good Irish food can be hard to find – but every once in a while you find a place that does it right. D4 Irish Pub & Cafe does it right – very right. The food was delicious and filling, although a bit more expensive than we would have liked. To be fair – it is Chicago and the place is very well decorated, so I’m willing to accept that it would cost a little more to dine here.

From imported Irish cured meats to homemade bread D4 offers high quality, flavorful Irish food most of the day and night. It’s open late, so it’s also a great place to stay a while and have a drink with amazing food. The staff was also very friendly and welcoming.

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