Busken Bakery’s Pop Up Shop: Propping Up Hearts

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One Clean Plate - Busken Bakery Pop-Up Shop in Over the Rhine by Caroline Wik

Busken Bakery showing its Lite-Hearted side in Over the Rhine.

Busken Bakery Pop-Up Shop

Over the Rhine
1218 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Hours: February 14th – March 16th
Thursday: 7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Friday: 7:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.
Saturday: 7:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.


So where can you go this weekend to get a heart in a to-go bag, take a silly video and get a coupon for another heart all for free? At Busken Bakery’s Pop Up Shop in Over the Rhine.

To promote its new Lite-Hearted Donut, a low-fat and calorie heart-shaped donut, Busken opened the Pop Up Shop on Vine Street between A Tavola and Sloane Boutique. It’s only open Thursday through Saturday late at night, and will only be open until March 16th. We previously reviewed the Lite-Hearted Donut which came out a short bit before Valentine’s Day so it’s about time we got to the pop up shop too.

During the day the Pop Up Shop is closed but only then can you fully appreciate the exterior, which is bright and whimsical with orangey-brown paint, cut-out clouds and a large open window. At nighttime though, the store is lit up and has neon signs reading “Lite-Hearted.”

The inside is nice with wood floors, bright white walls and a continuation of the aforementioned whimsy. A large coffee cup with a heart peeking out of the top, a sofa with a donut-laden coffee table and promotional signs talking about the lite-hearted donut.

One Clean Plate - Inside the Busken Bakery Pop-Up Shop in Over the Rhine by Caroline Wik

Friendly, inviting and whimsical the Pop-Up Shop shows off a new side of Busken.

In the center is a counter with a single person behind it who offered us a free Lite-Hearted donut in a small bag, as well as a coupon for another free Lite-Hearted donut at any Busken location. She was polite and didn’t make us feel pushed into doing anything. Although she did gently suggest we check out the rest of the store.

Going further in the back of the room is a small area where you can have a quick couple second video taken of you and watch it played back. The footage will be compiled into a video on Busken’s YouTube Channel.

The Pop-Up Shop and the promotion around the Lite-Hearted Donut has been interesting, and a side of Busken we haven’t seen before. Busken is showing personality, and so far we’ve been having fun with it. The Pop-Up Shop is only open for three more weekends, so be sure to stop in and get a free donut. There’s lots of places you can stop by first and have dinner, like Quan Hapa or Kaze, then stop over at the Busken Pop-Up shop for a free donut for dessert. If you like it, you’ve got a coupon for another one. It’s promotional, but if you like sweets it’s worth stopping by for a free donut.

Have you been to the Busken Pop-Up Shop yet or had the Lite-Hearted Donut? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! We’ve also shared more photos on our Facebook Page of the Pop-Up Shop and of the Lite Hearted Donut. While you’re there, be sure to Like us too!

One Clean Plate - Inside the Busken Bakery Pop-Up Shop in Over the Rhine by Caroline Wik

What’s better than a free donut? Two free donuts, that’s what.

Verdict: Why Not?

The Busken Pop-Up Shop in Over the Rhine is a small one-room store to promote the new Lite-Hearted Donut – but it’s worth stopping in. Not only do you get a free donut, but you get a coupon for another one. If you don’t live nearby it might not be worth the trip just for the Pop-Up Shop, however there are many awesome restaurants surrounding it you could go to first to justify the drive. So if you are interested in a free donut go have dinner and then stop and get your sweets on.

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