E-Star Asian Market: A Great Market Hidden in Sharonville

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E-Star Asian Grocery Store front  by Caroline Wik

E-Star Asian Grocery is tucked back in a shopping center, easily missed from the street.

E Star Asian Market

11974 Lebanon Rd.
Suite 124
Sharonville, OH 45241

Hours: Mon-Sun: 9:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

E Star Asian Market is small, a touch claustrophobic inside and hidden away in the back of what is essentially a derelict and near abandoned failure of a shopping center. Oh, and did I mention it’s fantastic?

E Star’s cramped quality comes from the fact that it’s just got so much stuff to offer packed into a store that’s a size too small for the sheer volume of things they carry. You can get just about anything there you could ask for from an Asian market. They have hard to find vegetables and fruits like taro, yucca and (though I can’t for the life of me fathom why any sane person would want it) durian.

They also offer cuts of meat that are hard to find elsewhere like pork belly, liver, stomach, tongue and the like. To be fair though where they really shine is the seafood. Their seafood selection is not only extensive it’s alive when you buy it so you’re guaranteed it’s basically as fresh as you can possibly get it. You can even get live crabs, eels, frogs and turtles.

Vegetables at E-Star Asian Grocery by Caroline Wik

The selection of vegetables is small but is mostly the hard-to-find ones.

Meat counter at E-Star Asian Grocery by Caroline Wik

All sorts of different cuts of meat can be found at E-Star.

For the extensive selection they have their prices are good too, comparable to CAM in some places and better than them in others. Especially if you’re up in West Chester or Mason if you’re going to drive by this place anyway there are few reasons to go to CAM unless you need something really specific or regional from the bigger market. We’ve also run into the owners of Sichuan Bistro shopping here for whatever that’s worth.

The staff is super nice too, which is a huge plus to shopping at small places like this in my opinion. You tend to get people who care about the business rather than the sullen or disinterested teenager that seems to be the stereotype for most chain supermarkets.

Crabs at E-Star Asian Grocery by Caroline Wik

Live crabs – try not to get pinched.

Seafood at E-Star Asian Grocery by Caroline Wik

The seafood counter has some of the freshest fishes we’ve seen around – and not much of that “fishy smell.”

Parking’s never going to be an issue either because honestly with the exception of the Chipotle across the way and New Krishna around the corner (which is expanding soon) the shopping center looks like it was recently used to shoot a zombie movie or some dystopian apocalypse film and then just left that way.

Don’t let that keep you from going and checking them out though, there are tasty treasures to be had for extremely reasonable prices.

Check out our E-Star Asian Market Facebook photo album for more pictures of the store. Where is your favorite place to get groceries?

Durian at E-Star Asian Grocery by Caroline Wik

“Durine” is what durian should be called, if you ask us.

Verdict: A Wonderful Local Asian Market

E Star has a wide selection of hard to find products at good prices and a super friendly, helpful staff. It’s the only place I know of to get live turtles, frogs and eels (as food, not pets) and one of the few places in the area you can get life crabs and fish.

It may be in a bit of a derelict shopping center but you shouldn’t let that stop you from going. Next time you need an odd cut of meat, Asian produce or extremely fresh seafood you should stop by.

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