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Holtman's Donuts by Caroline Wik

The Loveland location of Holtman’s Donuts.

Holtman’s Donut Shop

1399 Ohio 28
Loveland, OH 45140

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Plates
Hours: Mon-Sat: 4:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Sun: 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Price Range: Cake Donuts: $0.85
Yeast Donuts: $0.95-$1.00 each
Specialty Donuts: $1.25

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We can’t lie – we had never heard of Holtman’s Donut Shop before news broke that they were opening a store in Over the Rhine. Fortunate for us there are currently there are two other shops – one in Loveland and one in Williamsburg – so of course we had to pay one a visit and sample some donuts to get a taste of what’s coming to Over the Rhine.

The donut shop’s doors first opened in 1960 when Charles Holtman started the business. Today it’s run by his daughter Toni and her husband Chuck Plazarin along with their son Danny. At one point there were 13 locations but eventually downsized to just the Loveland location, however it stood the test of time and is making a comeback. The Over the Rhine shop will be run by Danny and is scheduled to open August 31st.

Holtman’s specializes in entirely-made-from-scratch donuts made in-house, daily. They offer over 30 varieties of donuts daily alongside seasonal specials like the spring lemon cake donut or the fall pumpkin cake donut and specialty donuts that are rotated more frequently and include apple fritters, custard puffs and maple bacon donuts. Of course they also have cheese crowns, cookies, brownies and other pastries.

However, I know you’re interested in hearing more about those donuts. Especially the cake donuts.

When arriving at the Loveland location the exterior is, at first glance, unremarkable. Just another building on the street. Until you actually park and start to enter, then you are greeted by a friendly hippie bear statue holding a “Welcome” sign.

The inside is quirky and inviting, the tantalizing scent of fresh pastries fills your lungs but ultimately your attention will focus n the large case of delicious pastries in front of you. Choice paralysis is easy to get here – as mentioned they offer over 30 donuts daily in addition to the other baked confections.

Welcome bear at Holtman's Donuts by Caroline Wik

A friendly bear greets you – or perhaps guards the donuts.

Donut counter at Holtman's Donuts by Caroline Wik

You’ll probably be here every day of the week.

After a ridiculous amount of debate for donuts we finally picked our dozen, paid the very reasonable price of $9.50 and were on our way with our box. We tried to get a variety of donuts to get an accurate sampling of what Holtman’s has to offer.

Holtman’s has the classic yeast donuts perfected. With a firm crust and a soft, fluffy and lightly sweet interior the donuts have a great foundation to start off with. The icing on the donuts were amazing too – the chocolate actually tasted like chocolate – and also amazingly rich. The glazes and the fillings both were rich but had a very real, pure flavor to them. They had a very clear homemade flavor devoid of any preservatives or artificial flavors. We had a few donuts with raspberry filling and custard filling and in both cases we found they had a perfect dough-to-filling ratio.

Oh, and did I mention that they are very sweet? For someone with a strong sweet tooth, just one or two donuts is often more than enough.

The cake donuts are, well, cake-y. The dough is thick, spongy, rich and will challenge your definition of donuts, if not your whole worldview. Most of the cake donuts are like the Toasted Coconut Glazed Cake donut – absolutely delicious but more desert than breakfast pastry. They pair perfectly with a nice cup of black coffee, of course, but they are all so sweet they seem better suited for later in the day.

Box of Holtman's Donuts by Caroline Wik

Our delicious dozen.

Which is perhaps part of why they said in an interview with CityBeat that they’ll be focusing on the late-night crowd. Hopefully they’ll still be open in the mornings since once in a while a warm, sweet donut does make a tasty breakfast.

Hungry for more? We’ve got an album for all of our photos of Holtman’s Donuts on our Facebook page. While you are there be sure to Like us for updates and more tasty food.

Verdict: Get Ready, Over the Rhine

It seems Holtman’s Donut Shop isn’t too well known, although that’s changing with the buzz about their new Over the Rhine shop. This is exciting news for downtown residents – Holtman’s donuts are fantastic and anyone who hasn’t tried them is missing out.

The yeast and cake donuts are both rich and absolutely delicious, the former being lighter and fluffy while the latter are thick and spongy. Additionally, Holtman’s donuts are very reasonably priced – less than $10 for a dozen that includes both types of donut and a few filled and specialty donuts.

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  • Kimberly Benhase Farrell

    I have never had a bad donut from Holtman’s. Every donut is like a little round bite of heave and the Pumpkin Cake are NOT to be missed. Hmm, it’s 10pm. Wonder if they’re still open…