Emanu Ethiopian: Decent Food, Poor Service

Emanu Beef Sambusa by Caroline Wik

It has been too long since we’ve had Ethiopian and we were determined to find a good place to find it in the Cincinnati area. We were so happy and excited to find Emanu East African in Pleasant Ridge. Finding parking was a bit more difficult than I had expected, since it is pretty much on-street only, but we were excited as we walked up to the restaurant.

It was a little past 11:30 a.m. and the restaurant had only been open for ten minutes or so, so I wasn’t surprised when there was only one other group of people when we arrived. The restaurant is tastefully decorated in light tans and browns, very earthy, and lots of posters of Ethiopia. There are two main sections in Emanu, the front and what I can only describe as the “back”. In the front there is the door and several tables, as well as a small bar where the tv and cash register are. Behind it is a big wall, and then more tables beyond it. We were seated in the back section, and the other table was situated in the front.

We ordered the Beef Sambusa to begin, which was four thin shells stuffed with minced beef, chilies, herbs and then lightly fried. They had a nice crunch to them and great flavor, however I kind of wish we had gotten another one or two. Mostly because we had waited what seemed like an eternity for them to come, and I feared another long wait until our main order came. Unfortunately I was right.

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