Review: Cirque du Soleil’s “OVO”

Spider Contortionist Act in Cirque du Soleil's "OVO"

Rain and floods won’t stop these bugs from getting into Cincinnati – and I’d advise everyone to not let it stop them from going to see them either. Flying into Cincinnati’s Coney Island this spring is Cirque du Soleil’s touring production, OVO.

OVO presents the colorful world of insects, going about their daily lives having fun and working, when a foreign bug shows up with his ovo (“egg” in Portuguese). His egg is taken for some reason and, as he tries to get it back, he falls in love with the ladybug. The bugs speak their own language (except for the words “ovo” and “OKAY!”) which mostly consists of “Zzzzt!” and “thhbpthbpth!”

The story is simple and cute, and has several slapstick jokes throughout. It’s simple to follow (as long as you don’t try to think too deeply about any of the plot elements) and fills in the space between the acrobatic acts. The routines are easily some of the best we’ve seen. There wasn’t a single act we didn’t like, and it’s difficult to pick which one we liked the most, as they were all impressive. Cirque du Soleil also did a great job at creating bugs and costumes that fit the different acts.