Avenue Cafe Closes Kitchen

Back Camera

Apparently this happened several weeks ago, so to some this may not be breaking news, however we just found out that The Avenue Cafe here on Reading Road in Mason has closed its kitchen and they are looking for someone to buy it.

We had been to The Avenue Cafe a few times previously and had always really enjoyed the food. The quality for the price was really impressive and we always had a great meal whenever we went. Since we hadn’t been in a while, we decided to stop in last night for dinner and to do a formal review of them for the site.

The relatively barren parking lot on a Friday night should have tipped us off that something wasn’t right. The ‘open’ sign was lit though, so we just figured it was a slow night and went on in. We found the formerly lively dining area of The Avenue dark, with only the bar area lit. A few people sat, drinks in hand, watching whatever game was on the televisions as the bar tender wiped down the countertop.

We asked if the dining area was closed for the night, and he told us it had been closed for the past few weeks. Deciding to put dinner off a little bit longer, we sat down and had a few drinks and chatted with the bartender about the restaurant.