Taqueria Mercado: Delicious, Authentic Mexican in Cincinnati

Tres Leches Cakes at Taqueria Mercado by Caroline Wik

Taqueria Mercado has been our favorite lunch place in Downtown Cincinnati for a while, it’s ridiculous it’s taken us this long to finally share our love of their delicious tacos and burritos with everyone else. For that, we sincerely apologize.

What makes Taqueria Mercado great isn’t the fact that they are cheap, or the easy to get to location, nor the fact that they are huge and have a ton of seats. It’s the flavor and quality, and they are mind-blowingly amazing, especially since the majority of Mexican restaurants in Greater Cincinnati are in that “just okay” area and tend to copy each other. There are other great places, definitely, but Taqueria Mercado is one of our absolute favorites.