D4 Irish Pub & Cafe: Best Authentic Irish Food in Chicago

One Clean Plate - D4 Irish Pub and Cafe - Irish Breakfast by Caroline Wik

One of the most well-known and loved breakfasts in Chicago is at Yolk – so popular the line is often well out the door. A friend of ours insisted that he took us there for a weekend breakfast, but unfortunately when we got there the line was already out the door and around the corner. We saw the line and collectively let out a sigh – our bellies were rumbling. But then, as if we had been calling out to him, a voice came from behind telling us that they were just about to open. It was the owner of D4 Irish Pub.

The interior was brilliant – deep green and blue walls, gorgeous wood and leather furniture and an amazing bar that wrapped around the kitchen. We were seated right away and looked at the menu. Our friend’s eyes lit up at the Irish Breakfast and he began sharing stories of growing up in Donegal and the breakfasts his mom used to make. So he and Adam decided to get the Irish Breakfast, and to be different I got the Hash and Eggs.