Pizza Tower: Food & Fun for Families

One Clean Plate Pizza Tower Fiesta and Chicken Buffalo Ranch Pizza By Caroline Wik

When I was younger, there was this unmistakably weird building that always looked dark and abandoned. It was an odd hexagonal building tucked away off Fields Ertle road, with an odd column atop the front area. Aside from some neon signs, which I could never tell were lit or not, it’s rather plainly decorated on the outside. I’ve only ever been past during the daytime, and it was always hard to see if any lights were on. I would learn later via commercials that this place is called Pizza Tower, and no, it’s not abandoned.

But alas, I managed to avoid ever going inside Pizza Tower for many years. Until recently, when Adam and I were talking about it, and decided to give it a shot.

When we arrived the parking lot was pretty sparse and I was still pretty sure that it was abandoned. Until we went in, and were greeted and seated right away. Okay, it’s not abandoned!