Recap: 2nd Annual Cincinnati Chocolate Festival

One Clean Plate Cincinnati Chocolate Festival Midwest Culinary Institute By Caroline Wik

Celebrating chocolate and local confectioneries, the 2nd Annual Chocolate Festival has come and gone – and we made sure to do our duty of eating lots of chocolate, cheese and wine so that we could tell you all about it.

There were lots of sponsors for the event, including Kroger – from which you could purchase discounted tickets. One ticket gets one sample – which vary in size from booth to booth.

The chocolate festival was held in the Cintas Center on Xavier University’s campus this year. We arrived about halfway through the event (around 3:00 p.m.) and the convention room was packed – shoulder to shoulder. However, this did not deter us for we were on a mission for chocolate.

One end of the convention room had raffle prizes, while the opposite housed the demonstration area. In between was a haven of table after table of chocolate goodness.